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SKU: designercable

Programming cable to link atomic flow tool (hoop, wand or staff) to computer (Designer software upgrade required, released 09/15/14)

The Atomic Designer Requirements:

  • Works on Windows and Mac computers
  • Will work with any 4th Generation Atomic (software update required)
  • Java enabled web browser and Internet connection required

This is only for Atomics that already have the Designer software

Don't purchase this cable if you don't have the software to go with it. We started shipping Atomics with the Designer software on 9/10/14. If your Atomic was shipped before this date and we haven't updated it, you will need to have it updated. You can have your Atomic updated by visiting our booth at one of the many festivals we take part in, stopping by our hoop shop by appointment in Denver, or by filling out the service request form and following the return shipping instructions.

If we've serviced your Atomic since 9/10/14, we may have installed the Designer software on it.

How to tell if you have the Designer on your Atomic

When you turn your Atomic on, the cursor on the preset menu will be orange if you have the Designer software installed. If it is cyan, or any other color, you will need to have it updated. Do not purchase this item.