Astral Hoops LED Hula-hoops!

Atomic Designer

Create and share your own modes!

As a member of the creative hoop community, you're now empowered to use your artistic talent to take control over your Atomic modes. No longer will you have just the same standard (yet beautiful) modes as every other Atomic owner. Your Atomic can now be as unique as you are. Design modes with your favorite colors, patterns, and effects. Then share them easily on the Community Gallery. Also, see what other community members have shared in the gallery and load modes you like easily onto your Atomic. You can even modify and build off of modes created by others.

The Designer Features:

  • Draw modes using our web designer
  • No software to install
  • Works on Windows and Mac computers
  • Share modes in the Community Gallery
  • Load modes from the gallery to your Atomic
  • Modify and build off of modes shared in the gallery
  • Store up to 15 custom modes at a time
  • Run individually or continuously loop though saved custom modes
  • Will work with any 4th Generation Atomic (software update required)
  • Java enabled web browser and Internet connection required

The Designer comes standard with all new Atomics ordered on or after 9/15/14.

How To Upgrade an Existing Atomic

All 4th Generation Atomic Hoops, Levitation Wands, and Staffs can be upgraded to use the Atomic Designer. Generally, any Atomic sold in 2013, 2014, and 2015 is a 4th generation. To use the Designer you'll need a software update on your Atomic and the Designer Link cable. The cable and update is $30.

Ways to have your Atomic updated and purchase the Designer Link cable:

Buying a New Atomic Evoke w/ Designer

The Designer now comes standard with all new Atomics. Use the links below to learn more about the Atomic Evoke, view our ready to ship inventory, or custom design our own.