Astral Hoops LED Hula-hoops!

Taking Your Astral Hoop to Burning Man or the beach

Burning Man

Burning Man and hooping go together like July 4th and fireworks. What better place to hoop than the open playa jamming to groovy tunes bumping from the Robot Heart art car. The harsh environment at Burning Man can be ridiculously hard on any electronic device though, including LED hula hoops. It's often said that nothing that goes to Burning Man comes back the same. This can be especially true for electronics.

Dust, Water, and Heat are the three main villains of LED hula hoops. The fine dust of the playa can work its way into switch contacts causing them to not function properly. Water can short out sensitive microprocessor components and if trapped in the hoop, water can corrode the circuit, causing it to weaken and break more easily. Excessive heat can shorten the life of batteries and changes the property of the tubing to make it become permanently more brittle.

That said, we believe that it is possible to take good care of your LED hoop at Burning Man by following some simple precautions. We've been rockin' out with our hoops on the playa for the past few years and we'd love to see you out there rockin' out too! Below are some tips that we recommend to help keep your Astral Hoops in the best possible health while at Burning Man.

Tips for using your Astral Hoops at Burning Man

  • Tape over switches, joysticks, and charging ports. This will help to keep dust and moisture out. Vinyl tape works well for this.
  • Store your hoop the most out of the heat and dust you can when not using it.
  • Don't charge the batteries while the hoop is sitting in direct sunlight.
  • When charging your hoop with a generator, make sure the generator is rated for use with electronics. We recommend using a good surge protector.
  • Keep your hoop away from water. AKA, don't hoop in the rain. I know it sounds fun, just use your non-LED hoop for it.
  • Practice good judgment. Don't use your hoop while intoxicated or let another intoxicated person use it.
  • General tips on taking excellent care of your Astral Hoop can be found in the manual sent with your hoop and on our Hoop Care Page.

What to do if you think something is damaged

While damage from the elements is not covered by our Warranty, our highly skilled team can fix nearly any problem at a reasonable cost

  • Because of the complex nature of our hoops, we don't recommend disassembling your hoop yourself and doing so would void the warranty.
  • Compressed air can sometimes be used to blow dust out of switches and joysticks.
  • If your hoop gets wet, it should be sent in to us to disassemble and dry as soon as possible. Do NOT turn it on if you suspect that it's wet inside. This can short out the circuit board and cause it to need a new one.
  • If your tubing is damaged, we can replace it with fresh tubing.
  • If your hoop is lost or stolen, let us know. We keep a record of your serial number and will contact you if we find it. We've helped return a lost hoop to it's owner before!

The Astral team sends you our best wishes for an incredible year at Burning Man!
)'( B.J. & Stef