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Atomic Pattern
No Java Support.

Community Gallery

Go here: to view designs in the gallery and download them onto your Atomic. You can also modify and build upon them to make your own designs.

How To

Installation and Troubleshooting

In most cases there is no need to manually install or configure software on your computer to use the Atomic Designer. Simply plug your Atomic into a USB port and the Designer program will launch above. If it doesn't, here are some things to check.

If there's an error message or nothing at all displayed above

This program uses JavaScript and Java. Please make sure the latest version is installed and enabled in your web browser. If you don't have a current version of Java installed, your browser might prompt you to install it. Java can also be installed manually from

If you have your Atomic plugged in but the screen still says, "Searching for Atomic"

Your computer might need to install a USB driver to communicate with your Atomic. Many times this will happen automatically the first time you plug the Atomic cable into your USB port. If can take a few minutes to install on a slower Internet connection. After the auto install is complete, you might need to unplug the Atomic from your computer, refresh this page, and then plug it back in for the Designer to recognize and start communicating with your Atomic.

If the USB driver does not auto install you can manually install it by running one of these installations:

Still not working?

If you tried the steps above and the Designer still won't launch, give it a try in a different web browser. We recommend Firefox

Need help?

If you're not able to get the Designer working on your computer using the information above, you can request help here.


Your feedback is valuable and will help us to improve this new feature. To send your feedback to go