Astral Hoops LED Hula-hoops!

Astral Hoops Gift Giving Guide

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Interested in Giving the gift of an LED Hoop?! What an AWESOME gift! Here are a few tips.

Ordering the Correct Size!

The most common mistake gift-givers tend to make is ordering the wrong size.

  • At Astral Hoops, we measure using the ID, inside diameter. For example, a 32” ID hoop in 3/4” tubing will have a Total or Outer Diameter (OD) of approx 33.55” (32” + 1.5”)
    ID vs OD
  • We recommend measuring the recipients' favorite/most frequently used hoop! Measure both vertical and horizontal directions (sometimes it's an average of the two)
  • Confirm size and tubing specifications with someone that the recipient hoops with, if possible.

Choosing Tubing Type

There are several different tubing options when ordering a custom hoop. These options are highly dependent on personal preference and hooping style (on the body, off the body, tricks, doubles, etc). Thinner tubing is commonly used for more off the body flow and thicker tubing for the body rockers. When buying a hoop as a gift it's a good idea to check with the recipient to find out his or her preferred tubing type and size.

Order Early!

Each of our hoops are built by hand by us in Denver, CO. Our focus is on making hoops of the highest quality, not on doing rushed work. Because of this we do not have rush build options and hoops can take longer to make during times of high order volume. Please plan accordingly. If you need a hoop quick check out our hoops in stock.

Common Abbreviations

OD= Outer Diameter = Total Diameter
ID= Inner Diameter
PP= Polypropylene (PolyPro)
HDPE= High Density Polyethylene

Returns & Hoop Modifications

In stock hoops can be returned in new condition within 30 days. Hoops made to custom specs are generally not returnable. See our Return Policy for details. Hoops can also be modified/re-sized. See our Services page for more info.

On a Tight Budget? Shopping For Kids?

We have a great selection of instructional DVDs, hoop accessories, and children's books and DVDs. The best part is they're all created with love by members of the flow arts community. Check them out on our DVDs & Accessories Page.

Still Not Sure? Get a Gift Certificate!

Let your recipient customize their hoop exactly how the way they like it with an Astral Hoops Gift Certificate. The gift certificates never expire and we'll mail you, free of charge, a physical copy of the certificate for you to give to the lucky recipient.