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Astral Hoopsmith

If you're in Denver/Arvada and would love to be a part of what we do, fill out the application below. Starting wage is $11 to $14/hour for this position.

About Us

We are a small company making big waves in the world of hula hooping and flow arts. We value innovation and creativity and view hoop dance and our hoop creations as art forms that work synergistically together. We consider the hoop to be a tool that can be used to bring joy, expression, and wellness into people's lives. It also serves as a common thread which bonds together people of all backgrounds into a thriving flow arts community. We do what we do because we care passionately about hooping, flow arts, and the meaningful connections they build.

Working for Astral Hoops

Hula hooping is silly fun and also serious business. We feel that hoop-making should be the same. It's fun to build hoops! It's also very serious and very technical. Our LED flow tools look simple on the outside, but are highly complex on the inside. Having and keeping a positive perspective when faced with challenges and being able to have fun while working hard are personal traits that contribute to an enjoyable and successful hoop-making environment. Making extraordinary hoops requires extraordinary people. You don't need to be a hooper to work for us. You do need to have professional experience doing the type of work we do. We're looking for someone who:
  • Is fun, positive, and energetic
  • Has a strong aptitude for crafting things by hand
  • Is proficient with hand tools common to electronics assembly
  • Possess ninja-like soldering skills
  • Is able to follow policies and procedures
  • Is a creative and effective problem solver
  • Pays meticulous attention to details
  • Is dependable and honest
  • Quickly learns, adapts, and thrives in an ever-changing environment
  • Is 18+ years old

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