Astral Hoops LED Hula-hoops!


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Astral Market Items For Sale

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Item Item No. Seller Updated Price
29” 3/4 hope Hyperion smart hoop AD53526 hopefulhooper 1/9/18 $350.00
Lightly Used -4th Gen. : 29" ID : 5/8" Polypro : Regular : $300-Shipping Included AD53525 aimeenicolex20 1/9/18 $300.00
27” 3/4 Tubing Atomic Evoke 4th gen! AD53497 1/6/18 $250.00
Astral 96 LED Contact Wand with Silicone Sleeve! AD45048 captmanders 1/4/18 $210.00
Atomic Astral 40 LED Levitation Wand AD53483 captmanders 1/4/18 $150.00
Atomic Evoke Contact Staff AD53471 christyr137 1/3/18 $250.00
29" Double Density 4th Generation Atomic Evoke 3/4th PolyProHoop AD53383 vertelj 12/22/17 $325.00
30" Atomic Evoke NEEDS REPAIRS w/ Charger & Designer Cable AD53300 irclevi 12/13/17 $100.00
31 Inch Atomic Evoke LED Smart Hoop 3/4" AD53296 jorgoldthorp 12/12/17 $250.00
FutureHoop Pro from MoodHoops (32" diameter, 3/4" OD tubing / Clear Polypro) AD53220 die19827 12/1/17 $340.00
4th Gen Atomic Evoke AD53190 martzmy 11/29/17 $275.00
White Custom 33 inch ID Atomic Evoke Double LED Smart Hoop in 3/4" HDPE AD51565 meltedmilk 11/28/17 $350.00
27 inch ID Atomic Evoke LED Smart Hoop in 5/8" Polypro Translucent Green AD52330 aerostasia 11/26/17 $350.00
Atomic evolk 27" 7/8 polypro LED hoop AD53057 Carissa93 11/26/17 $200.00