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Atomic Evoke! 26 ID 3/4 clear polypro

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*Astral Atomic Evoke for Sale* 4th gen Clear polypro 26" 3/4 350 lightweight battery (lasts 1-3 hour depending on brightness level) Warranty good until January 2018! See it in action on my insta @bassheadhooper Email me or text me! 918-977-0310 This hoop is in great condition and is only 5 months old. Has been used mostly indoors on carpet, taken outside less than 5 times and I have made sure to tape over the joystick and charge port to prevent any dirt or moisture inside the hoop. I have taken really good care of this hoop. It has some signs of wear and tear just from being used as usual indoors. It's sanded on the inside. I've never used grip tape so no sticky gunk on the inside. The hoop comes in its original packaging including box, two stickers, designer cord, charger, and instruction manual. *for some reason the battery doesn't display correctly. When you check the battery it just shows one bar. So basically I just go off how long I've been using it and how bright the lights are for gauging battery life time (like most leds you'd use) It's never been an issue for me and most people that own evokes didn't even know that you can check the battery life lol. I contacted Astral about it and they said I could send it in and reset it, kind of like turning your phone off and on, however, I did not send it in because it doesn't affect anything else on the hoop such as the motherboard or lights. Ive had no other issues otherwise! The warranty is good until January 2018 so if this bothers you, you are welcome to send it in. I didn't wanna mess with waiting a couple weeks plus it's festie season. I did knock about 20 bucks off what I would have originally sold this hoop for because of that issue- a good deal I think!.* I love this hoop, but it's too big for me and I really need the money right now to help pay for some bills this month. I plan on buying a smaller one next month.

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