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$250 27 in ID 5/8 Clear Polypro Atomic Evoke

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Hello flowmies!! I'm looking to sell my Atomic Evoke that I bought two years ago (hoping to make room for some other flow props). It's not under warranty anymore; however, I paid to have it retubed and to have the batteries replaced six months ago so it basically works like new. I have the charger but unfortunately misplaced the USB cable that connects the hoop to your computer some time ago. The hoop doesn't have additional weights and the LED strip is single density, which translates into a lighter hoop with slightly longer battery life. Because of it's age and the missing cable I'm willing to part with it for $250 (I paid $400 originally). I'm willing to skype with anyone if you want to see the hoop in more detail or send pictures over email. Because I want to pick up some other flow props with the money from selling my Evoke, I'm only going to accept payments through paypal. For serious and interested buyers, we can negotiate an arrangement where both parties feel comfortable with the order of payment, shipping, etc. Thanks and hope to hear from you :) -Dom

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