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Astral Market items are used and may be posted for sale by third parties. To learn more about the Astral Market see the Rules and Guidelines. To post your own item for sale Create or Sign Into Your Astral Hoops Account then click the My Market Items tab.

Astral Market Posting Rules and Guidelines

The Astral Market is a place where you can sell your used flow equipment for credit towards new Astral gear, or cash. The Astral Market is currently only available to buyers and sellers inside the USA.

Cash or Credit

When listing an item you can choose to sell it for either cash or Astral Hoops credit.

If you choose Credit
An "Add to Cart" button will show next to your listing and A buyer can purchase your item though the Astral Hoops website. After your item is sold, we'll email you with the buyer's shipping address along with instructions and tips to help you package your item and send it off to the buyer. After the buyer receives your item, he or she has 3 days to confirm that everything is as expected or report a problem. It the buyer reports a problem, the item could be returned to you and no credit would be issued. If the buyer reports that everything is good or doesn't respond after 3 days of receiving it, you will receive an Astral Hoops credit for the full purchase price. The credit can be used to purchase any item we sell on the Astral Hoops site. Credit can not be used to purchase from non-Astral Hoops seller in the Astral Market. Credit never expires, doesn't have to be used all in one purchase, and can be combined with a credit card payment for larger purchases.

If you choose Cash
The item will be posted to the Astral Market without an "Add to Cart" button. Potential buyers will use the contact form at the bottom of your listing to arrange the purchase with you. You will need to setup payment arrangements directly with the buyer. We recommend using PayPal when buying and selling directly on the Astral Market.

Allowed Items

The market is currently for used flow tools only. The flow tools can be LED or non-LED, Astral Hoops products or non-Astral Hoops products. They must be be flow tools though. Clothing, for example would not be allowed. Item being sold should be your own used tools. This is not a place to vend new items that you make or resell. Please keep language in your listing PG. Any listing containing offensive content or items that do not fit in these guidelines will be removed. We reserve the right to remove any listing for any reason.

How Much It Costs

For a limited time, the Astral Market is absolutely free for both buyers and sellers!

After Your Listing Sells

After you sell an item, please don't forget to remove it from the Market.