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Synergy Fire Poi Heads
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Synergy Fire Poi

Synergy FlowArts

At Astral Hoops, we enjoy collaborating with other flowarts companies who are the best of the best at what they do and share in the same values and appreciation for the flowarts community. We're proud to offer Synergy fire and practice props to complement our LED products. We think they're really top notch!

Buy with confidence. Synergy products come with a 1 year warranty backed by their state-of-the-art flowarts shop. Like us, they support what they create long after the sale is made.

With a “simple is better” approach, the Synergy Bullet style Poi head has a smooth twist link chain that won't catch on clothing or skin, and no exposed metal on wick underside, helping to prevent hot metal burns.  Multipurpose leather handles can be used as a single loop, or double loop.  Quality K1 Kevlar wick on a 2" or 3" Poi head.

The poi is measured by full overall length, so from the end of the Poi head to the end of the double loop handle.  This handle can also be used in single-loop mode, adding about an inch to the full overall length.  To find the recommended Poi length for your size, measure from your armpit to the middle of your palm.   
Poi Head Weights (not including chain & handle):
2": approximately 3.4 oz
3": approximately 4.1 oz

Sold in pairs.

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