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All of the products we make are covered by our One Year Warranty. There is no charge for us to perform warranty covered repairs. We also offer affordable paid services to keep your Astral updated and running like new for years into the future. For both warranty and non-warranty work, start by Creating a Service Order.

Replace Tubing

Hoop: $69    Wand: $49    Staff 2016-2017: $89
Did your polypro snap on a wedgie or just want to change your tubing color? Our skilled techs can put your circuit in fresh new tubing. If ordering a retube due to a break, it's possible there could also be damage to the circuit inside. The retube fee doesn't include circuit repairs. (Firestorm: add $20)


Hoop Smaller: $59    Hoop Bigger: $79    (Firestorm: add $20    5/8" Atomic: add $10)
Has your hooping style changed? With a resize, your Astral Hoop can change with you. This service includes resizing the tubing, resizing the circuit, reprogramming Atomics for the new size, and moving batteries when necessary to maintain a perfect balance. Resizing larger also includes fresh new tubing. 5/8" Atomic hoops are $10 extra due to additional work that needs to be performed to resize the circuit. Firestorm fire hoops are $20 to cover replacement of the spine attachments. If you're having other work performed that requires taking the hoop fully apart, you can save $30 on this service!

New Batteries

Hoop: $59    Wand: $59    Staff 2016-2017: $99
We use only high quality batteries in all of our products, but even the best batteries can't last forever. Replace them with a fresh set and restore the full power of your Astral! Also, see our tips in the Astral Care Instructions to help get the most life from your batteries.

Atomic Board Replacement

Hoop: $69    Wand: $69    Staff: $89

Atomic LED Circuit Replacement

Hoop: $119 single / $139 double    Wand: $69 40LED / $119 96LED    Staff: varies
Want to upgrade to a new circuit with more LEDs? Or is your old circuit just in need of replacing? We'll carefully disassemble your hoop and circuit. Install the new LED strip, rewrap the circuit with new foam, test, and put it all back together.


In addition to our services we also sell replacement accessories such as Wall Chargers ($15), Car Chargers ($20), Travel Adapters ($15), and Programming Cables ($30).

Software is updated to the latest version for your product with every service at no charge.

Other work billed hourly at $49/hour. Prices do not include shipping or sales tax.

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for most repairs and services. This time can vary depending on our current workload and the complexity of work being done. If you need to have your hoop back by a certain date, please confirm the timing with us BEFORE sending the hoop.

Please do not return any hoop to us without filling out a service order. We want to be accurate in performing the work you want done and won't get started on it until a service order has been submitted.

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