Astral Hoops LED Hula-hoops!
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Burning Man Notice

Part of our crew has left for Burning Man and will return on Sept 8th. A few of us will remain in the hoopshop to build, service, and ship items and respond to your messages. However, it may take an extra day or two. As always, we'll do our best to have your orders and services to you by when you need them, but rush shipping/processing is not available.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. We owe much gratitude to Burning Man for helping us create what Astral Hoops has become. It's what originally inspired us to start hooping, then to make LED hoops and continues to inspire us in new ways. For more on our story, check out our Who We Are Page. If you're headed to the burn, check out our Tips on Taking Excellent Care of Your Astral on The Playa.
Thanks! B.J. & Stef


Custom size and weight options, precision craftsmanship, and mind bending patterns make the Atomic Evoke smart hoop like no other. Choose from 165 built-in modes, design your own, or download from over 1000 modes shared in the Community Gallery!

For a more traditional, yet highly customizable LED hoop, check out our single circuit Aura and Firestorm hoops.


All the features of the Atomic Evoke Hoop, but as a levitation wand. Choose from a variety of options, including LED quantity, weight, and silicone grip. Great for short string, long string, and contact!

Because of the natural movement of the wand, the Designer modes look expecially fantastic on it!! Display your POV creations on up to 96 densely packed LEDs.


All the features of the Atomic Evoke Hoop, but as a contact staff. Lights throughout make it look awesome and the rigid carbon fiber core and weighted ends make is great for spinning and contact!!


The Astralizer is an independently functioning Atomic Evoke circuit that you can add to all sorts of things. Light up a new outfit, your lyra, an art piece... Let your imagination go wild with possibilities!


Master your skill with instructional DVDs, light up your LED hoop with fire wicks, and pick up extra wall charges, car chargers, and USB programming cables.


Founded in 2000 by a family of hula hoopers, Astral Hoops has been a leader in engineering innovative LED hoops, wands, and staffs. We strive to make hula-hoops that bring something new, fun, and inspiring to the flow arts community. We think nonstop about new things that we can bring into existence and ways to improve what we've already created. Learn more about Who We Are and What Makes Us Special.


Burning Man and hooping go together like July 4th and fireworks. What better place to hoop than the open playa jamming to groovy tunes bumping from the Robot Heart art car. The harsh environment at Burning Man can be ridiculously hard on any electronic device though, including LED hula hoops. We've compiled this list of tips to keep your Astral Hoops in the best possible health while at Burning Man.


We've created a YouTube playlist for the many videos our customers have made of their Astral Hoops, Wands, and Staffs. Have a video to share? Send us a link and we'll include it!