Astral Hoops LED Hula-hoops!

What Makes Us Special

Yes, The Atomic modes are a mind melting explosion of light and color. But that's not the only thing that makes our hoops the excellent pieces of fine flow equipment that they are. Below are some other things we think you should know about the quality that goes into our hoops and why we're unlike anything else out there.


  • We've been building smart hoops for over 7 years now. We've used that time to fine tune every tiny detail. We've thought of everything, and we keep thinking and rethinking to keep the constant evolution of our hoops pioneering forward.
  • We have a completely unique process of wrapping the circuit in a super light weight polyethylene foam and adding extra support with a light and rigid polypropylene backbone. Doing this takes time, but provides unmatched protection from shock and impact. We thinks it's worth the extra work.
  • We've thoroughly tested every component to make sure that each piece that goes into the hoop is the very best available.


  • You don't have to scrap your hoop and buy a new one when we come out with something new. We're continually improving our hoops and we design advancements with an upgrade path in mind. We want you to enjoy your hoop for a long time and have the option to update it with new technology as we create it.
  • When a hoop is sent to us for a service, we often update it with some of our new technologies at no extra charge to you.


  • Our hoops are the choice for top hoop dance performers for a reason. The performance of our hoops comes above all else.
  • We have far more configuration options than any other LED hoop, allowing you to build a hoop that's exactly right for you.
  • The circuit and battery in the Atomic can be configured to weight as little as 3 ounces, making it feel almost the same as your day hoop or practice hoop.

A High Tech Workshop + Talented and Creative People = Unbeatable Quality in Every Hoop

  • Our hoops are made in a state of the art 3600sqft workshop in Colorado.
  • We have an incredibly talented staff that strive for perfection in each hoop we make.
  • We've invested in the high tech equipment necessary for consistency in the quality of our hoops.

Customer Service, We'll Take Care of You and Your Hoop

  • We don't forget about our customers after the sale it over. We strive to take excellent care of you and your hoop, long after the original purchase. If you ever need anything, we're just an email away. When you contact us, we'll not only respond quickly, we'll also make sure that your needs are completely addresses.
  • We understand that many of our customers are performers. We keep extra hoops on hand to loan out when a performer can't be without a hoop, but wants to send theirs in for a service.
  • We keep a record of the serial numbers and the customers they belong to. We update our records when someone tells us they're selling a hoop to someone else. We've even helped recover a lost hoop for someone because of this system.