Astral Hoops LED Hula-hoops!

Inner Diameter

Borrow a Loaner Hoop

Terms and Conditions

Loaner hoops are subject to availability. We'll send the hoop from our stock that most closely matches your preferences. However, we cannot guarantee that any particular size or other specification will be available. Our loaner hoop inventory fluctuates regularly depending on what other customers have checked out.

The deposit to borrow an Atomic Hoop is $250. This includes a non-refundable charge of $15 for the return shipping label sent with the hoop.

The hoop will be shipped with a charger, but no other accessories. $15 is deducted from the deposit refund if the charger is not returned with the hoop.

Please return the hoop as soon as you're done using it so it can be available for others to borrow. At the very latest, hoops must be returned within 30 days of receiving them. A late fee of $25 will be deducted from the deposit for hoops returned after 30 days. Each additional week the hoop is late subtracts another $10. Hoops remain property of Astral Hoops even if the deposit is forfeited. Loaner hoops cannot be sold.

We recommend using the original box to ship the hoop back to us unless it was damaged during the original shipment. The borrower is responsible for making sure the hoop is properly packed and safely shipped back. Easy to follow instructions are included with the loaner hoop along with a postage paid return label. You do NOT need to fill out a return request on our website before sending the hoop back. Just follow the shipping instructions included with the hoop.

We test each loaner hoop before sending it out, but we rely heavily on the borrower to let us know of any problems. If you notice something wrong with a loaner hoop that you receive please let us know as soon as possible. You will not be charged for a problem arising in a loaner hoop unless there's evidence that they problem was caused by abuse or misuse. Abuse/misuse includes anything not covered by our standard warranty. This includes any physical damage, such as a tubing break or over exposure to the elements. A restoration fee may be deducted from the deposit to fix any non-covered damage. Repair fees are listed in our Service Menu.

This is a courteously service available to registered Astral Hoops customers only. Requests may be rejected if the borrower cannot be verified as an Astral Hoop owner. You may check out one hoop for each Astral Hoop that you own. We reserve the right to reject a request to borrow a hoop if you have a history of late payments for service fees or late returns on previously borrowed items. Program available to US destinations only.