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Helix LED Smart Hoop by Proton Labs | 30" Inner Diameter (31.5" Outer) | HDPE

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Used but in good condition. The Helix LED Smart Hoop With hundreds of included patterns, new pattern packs available completely free, included software to customize and create your own, and a shuffle mode that creates endless new patterns while you hoop the Helix is the most advanced and open smart hoop available. Endless Shuffle Options You can leave your Helix on a single pattern or you can use one of 3 different types of shuffle to give you complete control. In addition to standard concept of shuffle, we took everything one big step further. Using what's called "ultimate shuffle" you'll allow the Helix to use ambient energy to randomize and generate patterns and color palettes as you hoop. Using this type of shuffle you'll never see the same pattern twice! Battery Life Enjoy up to 20 hours of battery life with the Helix. The battery life is second to none and in some cases besting other LED hoops three times over! The combination of giving you the control over brightness as well as using the newest lithium battery technology ensures you'll have enough juice. You won't ever find yourself in the dark.

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